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Helpful Video Clips

If We Could See Inside 
Other People's Hearts

Setting Boundaries with Difficult People


The Power of Being Vulnerable

6 Types of People Who Do Not Deserve 
to Hear Your Shame Story

Brené Brown on Wholeheartedness 

(TEDx Talk)

Brené Brown on 3 Things You Can Do 

to Stop A Shame Spiral

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Still Face Experiment (Attachment)
Doing Good 
(Inspiring Thai Commerical)

An Inspirational Video to Live By

Good Stories Happen Everyday

 (Inspiring Thai Commerical)

Listening to Shame

Mindfulness and Neural Integration

(Daniel Siegel M.D. TED Talk)

Connecting to Calm

Dailies: A Recovery Principle

Good, Better, & Best Check-Ins for LifeSTAR Recovery Groups
Making Sense of Emotions with 
Hand Model of the Brain (for parents)

Make a Difference 

(Thai Video Story)