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Finn,Therapy Dog

Finn is my therapy dog. I adopted him from a rescue organization in 2014. He's about 7 years old, and very sweet.  He loves working with clients of all ages.  With your consent, Finn can be a part of your therapy sessions.

Animal-assisted counseling can be beneficial to the counseling process (Gammonley, et al., 2000).  Having a therapy dog present in counseling can help:

  •  improve socialization and communication
  • reduce isolation, boredom and loneliness
  • brighten affect and mood, lessen depression, and/ or provide affection
  • improve memory and recall
  • address grieving and loss issues
  • improve self-esteem
  • be presented with opportunities to succeed and feel important, and improve feelings of self worth
  • improve reality
  • improve cooperation and problem-solving ability
  • improve concentration and attention, and increase engagement
  • decrease manipulative behaviors
  •  improve expression of feelings
  • reduce general anxiety
  • reduce abusive behavior
  • improve an ability to trust
  •  learn appropriate touch (Gammonley, et al., 2000; Chandler, 2001).

For these reasons, Finn has received training to be a therapy dog. He's available to come to your session, with your consent.